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This kinda sounds like a poem

sans titre by i wish i could be more romantique on Flickr.

There’s a girl who chokes on tree sap
and is learning how to breathe
with both lungs.
There’s a woman with a
revolving door heart
and an abandoned warehouse body.
She wants to sprout wings. Grow claws.
Use them.
There’s a boy dreaming of carousels,
of flying kisses and blowing rockets.
There’s a man who likes
to scream underwater.
There’s a body that moves in silence.

That same girl once felt like
breathing was a chore.
The woman has had a strong, sturdy
elevator heart, before it began to
spin off kilter.
The carousel boy still dreams
of Superman.
The underwater man is trying
to break the surface.
The body that moves in silence
wants to be chaotic, wants to be loud,
wants to get inside your head.

There is so much we are yet to know.
This is just a glimpse, a slither.
There is no metaphor
for their magnitude.
Some people are just too big
for language.

- jessica therese, “Drowning out Meaning with Metaphors”  (via contramonte)

(via forever-without-you)

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